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What's About iTourism

With the mobile turning into a necessity and the emergence of smart phone has greatly changes the way information are transmitted and it has even impacted how traveling is used to be. Mobile is now popular than ever and with it grow the demand for mobile application.

Established in 2013, itourism is a malaysian based mobile application provider offering cutting-edge mobile technology solutions to the tourism industry. Headed by an ambitious management team of experts in mobile technology and tourism industry together with a team of dedicated developers who are constantly finding ways to provide the user with ultimate mobile experience , at itourism, we strive to develop apps that bring transformation to the tourism industry.

Customer satisfaction is utmost important to us, and we stand by our client from consultation all the way till product launched. Our main goal is to help you develop a fully customisable cost effective mobile application to meet the needs of your client. By listening and carefully strategise, along with our experience, You can be confident that we can deliver and we will help you to achieve your objectives within your timeframe and budget.

At itourism, we turn vision into reality.

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Why choose us

We offer a full range of services from consulting, designing and developing mobile application.

We have expertise to develop applications across all major mobile platform.

Our team comprises of experience personnel from the tourism industry who knows exactly the needs of your end user.

We are committed in providing a 100% satisfaction customer service. We are here to listen and advice you accordingly and we involve our client in every steps of the development.

About The iTourism Travel Buddy

With the promising trend of mobile telecommunications that is spreading rapidly, the importance of providing information on the go has becoming increasingly necessary.

Introducing a new app called ‘iTourism Malaysia’, your ultimate personal travel guide. The app is designed to help and guide you during your travel in Malaysia or could be a tool for people who is interested to see what’s on in Malaysia.

The app is currently available in English, Chinese or Bahasa and can be configured for more languages. Travelling around all the different states in Malaysia can never be easier now with this handheld application.

For example, if you are travelling to Pulau Pinang and would like to know where the tourist attractions are, you can now do so by choosing the location Pulau Pinang. A list of places to visit that comes with a description of the place is available. To give you a better sense of where experiences are located, you can click on the navigation links to guide you to the desired place. All this with just a simple tap on your smart phone.

Browse our calendar of events for exciting festivals, cultural/religious celebrations and public holidays. Malaysia a multi cultural country is filled events all year round. With the calendar, now you will not missed out on any interesting events.

Some additional features of this app include contacts of important and hotline numbers for emergency such as police station, hospital and Fire & Rescue. For those who would like to find medical assistance, there will be a medical database that you can filter base of specialist areas for each location. With the built-in call button, you can just click on it and make your appointment right away.

Learning a new language is difficult, and thanks to the additional feature in ‘iTourism Malaysia’ which allows you to pick up or impress some locals by learning some of the commonly use everyday phrase in Malaysia’s national language.

Being a tourist, especially when making purchases sometimes you may wonder how much that would cost in your own home currency. Therefore the real time currency converter in the app can solve this problem for you.

‘iTourism Malaysia’ is available free for iPhones, Blackberry as well as Android phones.

Visited a hotspot and you would like to share a review? Like the application? think there’s room for improvement? Now you provide an unbiased comment by writing a review in the comment section…instantly!

Stay tune for more features coming soon in the future on ‘iTourism Malaysia’ , which include……

public transport info, where to eat, where to stay, where to play

Have any idea? We are surely happy to assist you & answer your questions.